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for form and function.

Establishing outdoor spaces with intention; infusing function + lifestyle. From full landscape renovations to outside special events, we can transform nature into an unforgettable experience.

full service design


 We help clarify your vision, develop a plan and take action, sourcing locally with intention.


We work with local contractors to design and bring your vision to life making space for child-like wonder in your day to day life.

woman in white linen and sewn pattern shirt holding rectangular glass jar of thai basil and water  sustainable landscape design intentionally designed spaces
hands holding wooden bowl with purple and green lavender sprigs and green fern fronds, wearing yellow knit sweater, standing py pond with green and yellow water lilies and pink water lily flower sustainable landscape design intentionally designed spaces
woman with shoulder length blonde and brown hair and green glasses smiling with front door home open, burnt orange rudbeckia black euyed susans yellow sunflowers, yellow strawflowers, creamy oat tuffted grasses, orange and geen pumpkins and large wooden acorn on the front porch, natural stone patio and green plant in the foreground intentionally designed spaces sustainable landscape design



Establishing outdoor rooms with intention, infusing function + lifestyle.  

mid section of health vibrant green filddle leaf fig leaves and trunk, underside of leaves mostly interior designers vermont inentionally designed spaces
creamy colored outline of ovate leafed plants arranged shortest to tallest

transformative outdoor rooms that engage the senses for homes, retreats, and vacation rentals

creamy colored hand drawn brain inside of a light bulb with exclamation marks off of the light bulb to sidgnify it is on

outdoor kitchens, kitchen gardens, spas, havens to rest + gather wether its at home or for special events

a cream colored outline of plant growing from a round seed

spaces that thrive with low maintenance sensory experiences in sustainable pollinator habitats


green succulent hens and chicks cluster up close rosettes sustainable landscape design intentionally designed spaces commerical interior and landscape design


Create places to recharge, enticing you your guests to stay longer, create memories + slow down.

increase functional space

enhance ROI

improve lifestyle goals

balancing nature + style 


Curate functional outdoor spaces providing a sense of nourishment, grounding + rejuvenation to welcome everyone.

draw customers in

invite people to gather longer

increase vitality + inspiration

celebrate brand culture + goals


Elevate the lifestyle you desire with easeful designs allowing space for intentional self-care.

connect with your environment

add color + flavor to your life

nurture resilience + confidence

rejuvenation + revitalization

the Wild Birch way


assorted zinnias on antique wooden farmhouse table next to faded green the plant kingdom text book by Brown intentionally designed spaces interior designers vermont

let the collaboration begin

After our initial phone call we will complete a site visit, formulate a proposed scope of work to be agreed upon then dive into design and project management to bring us from vision to completion.



blending hardscapes, lighting + furnishings with plantings to reflect natures beauty



facilitating collaborative communication with you + your contractor to bring your vision to life



harmonizing nature + lifestyle enhancing aesthetics, functionality, + sustainability

turquoise blue and grey 686 hooded snap jacket wore, holding bowl of wild apples next to fall ferns and fresh cut grass sustainable landscape design event design

As the new owner of the building, knowing the space had a history of being a beautiful focal point, I wanted to do justice, but it needed more of a makeover than I had the time or expertise to do on my own.

Kate's designs offer a lush comfort that welcomed me and invited me to settle in and stay a while. It felt like whatever table she was setting, or garden she was designing, or space she was styling was somewhere I wanted to be. Her style is an extension of her personality - warm, welcoming, easy, and comforting, all with an eye for lushness without pretenses or stuffiness. She's as easygoing as she is hard-working, and her attention to detail is exceptional.

Kate arrived with additional components and special touches that I hadn't thought of or expected that were just right to finish the project. She goes above + beyond! Our space has indeed been transformed, but so has the sense of place for our neighbors and community. The response has already been so overwhelmingly positive and appreciative! I look forward to working with her again in the future.

- Nicole Grenier  |  29 Stowe St. + Stowe St. Café

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